Indonesian Sulfur Miners

PhotographerMambo Ferido
Prize1st Place in Book(Self-published)
Entry Description

These men have to work as early as 12:00mn mining for sulfur. Climbing up to the peak of the crater is only part of what they have to go through. Once they worked their way up, the miners then have to descent down the steep crater straight to the mining area where they break chunks of sulfur that later they have to carry back up. They carry up to 100kg, and to make it tougher for them, flocks of tourist block their way up making the climb more agonizing. Once on top, they will have to transfer the sulfur to a waggon to be transported through the steep terrain down to the foot of the mountain. They do this two to three times a day for 8 to 15 dollars.

About Photographer

Mambo is Filipino Architect but photography has become a growing passion for him for the past years. He discovered his interest in photography when he wanted to express his creativity in a different medium. He specialises in street photography, documentary and journalism.