Forest Queen Butterfly

CompanyNot Applicable
PhotographerJoan Pabona
PrizeSilver in Special / Micro
Entry Description

These small creature is magnificent, most delicate and amazing life like. They can be seen around the flower or flower buds. One of the best sightseeing places is in Hong Kong Park where I took photographs of this Forest Queen Butterfly. There are many butterfly around the area but this is the one who drew my attention because of the colour on it's wings patterns and shapes is too intriguing. As this butterfly spread and open their wings in perfect confidence, I understand that transformation can be natural and breathe taking. When we take ourselves lightly and trust our untried wings to support ourselves, we learn the message of this butterfly through action, giving me the thought that life itself is a joyous dance. As I focused capturing on this tiny butterfly, it reminds me the life cycle. Knowing precisely the time to leave on the comfort & limitation of its cocoon, flying freely and discover a new world without fear, trusting their untested wings to fly without a doubt in their minds. reminding us that we too cannot get stuck or be stagnant to what we are in, especially when we are stumble down. As Life itself is about flying high and free. I do believe that “what you focus on, is sure to manifest!

About Photographer

I started photography since I was in college using a film camera. “Photography for me has a wide spectrum, it may be Science, an Art or Literature. But for me, it is an interpretation that doesn’t need words but it speaks for itself.