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The Cambodian Cham Muslim minority descends from the VI century’s Indo Chinese Kingdom of Champa and they represent one of the many Muslim communities which live peacefully throughout South East Asia. They coexist among Buddhists, Christians and animists, and throughout the Khmer Rouge period in Cambodia many were exterminated by the regime, along with members of other religions, a fact that gives them a strong feeling of national Cambodian identity and non-discrimination towards other religions. Their interpretation of the Sharia is that of a tolerant one, and the children are raised happily without feelings of gender-based discrimination.

About Photographer

My name is Javier Sanchez-Monge Escardo .I was born in Madrid in 1965.Education: Degree in International business management at the Schiller International University Germany (Heidleberg), 3 years of Biology studies at the University of Alcala de Henares and a degree in Philosophy, followed by a PHD still to be finished. Several advanced photography courses, video and editing. Can speak and write in different languages. Constantly I have been travelling around the world, photographing and living in foreign cultures.