Daredevil Kids' Playground

CompanyManila City Hall
PhotographerHeigen G. Villacarlos
PrizeSilver in Deeper Perspective / Deeper Perspective
Entry Description

This photos were taken in one of the buildings in permanent housing in Balut, Tondo, Manila near the Smokey Mountain. I was able to visit this place during the campaign period because my boss was conducting a house-to-house with the residents of Tondo. At first, I really thought that it was just a human size toy doll lying face down in the steel matting from the 3rd floor. I was shocked when I discovered that it was a kid, right in the very middle looking down from approximately 30 feet high from the lower ground. Some of the kids from the other side were even jumping around. I scolded them and told them to come down but they don't even bother to listen. They find it fun and amazing jumping and bouncing without feeling any fear that they could harm themselves or even death once that it collapse.

About Photographer

I work as a clerical staff in the Office of the Councilor of 1st District in Manila City Hall. I am a hobbyist photographer and I love doing landscape, travel and street photography.