PhotographerRowel Razal
PrizeBronze in Event / Traditions and Cultures
Entry Description

Every January 9, the Traslación of the Black Nazarene makes its way along the streets of the Quiapo district, the image is borne in procession on its carriage called the Ándas. Marshals known as the Hijos del Nazareno are the only people allowed to ride with it in the Ándas for the duration of the procession. The Hijos are to protect the image from possible damage as well as direct the namámasán (bearers) at the front and the crowd behind through hand gestures, voice commands (either directly or through a megaphone, especially at the front of the image) and whistle signals. Devotees clamber up the Ándas that they might briefly touch the image or its cross, and wipe towels and handkerchiefs tossed at them on parts of the image in the belief that a miraculous object's powers (specifically its curative abilities) "rub off" on cloth articles.