PrizeBronze in Architecture / Buildings
Entry Description

This series are photos of iconic buildings in Singapore. From 1970 to the present, this buildings are the witness on how Singapore achieved its first world country status. I have decided to document them in black and white to give a strong representation on how did this building stand thru time. With famous Architects being involved in each building, this became a landmark in different areas of the city. Overall, It symbolizes growth of the country in the future.

About Photographer

Jun Pagalilauan is an Architect by profession. He is born to love design and the languages of Fine Art Photography. He introduces himself through his photos. His photographs speak it all. His vision in photography portrays openness, embraces true emotions and the power of storytelling and the characterisation of imagery matters the most. His style does not conform to mainstream and popular media culture and general public hype. He aims to captivate the value of genuine work of art captured through his lens and conveyed through his photographs.