TRANSVOGUE - A Transgender Project

PrizeSilver in Advertising / Beauty
Entry Description

TRANSVOGUE - A Transgender Project Transvogue is a representation of images on how Transgender stand on discrimination, verbal abuse and gender equality. Together with the T Project Singapore which advocacy is to help the community of Transgender to have a normal life as others, we are breaking all boundaries thru all mediums and theses images is to call upon countries and people, to stand with you. That your efforts to get free of restraints is a shared struggle of mankind. To be respected and being true to one self. To be accepted the way you chose to live your life without labels. Because you dared to change from gender expression or identity and that does not make you less human.

About Photographer

Jun Pagalilauan is an Architect by profession. He is born to love design and the languages of Fine Art Photography. He introduces himself through his photos. His photographs speak it all. His vision in photography portrays openness, embraces true emotions and the power of storytelling and the characterisation of imagery matters the most. His style does not conform to mainstream and popular media culture and general public hype. He aims to captivate the value of genuine work of art captured through his lens and conveyed through his photographs.