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A Hindu Festival celebrated by the Tamil community in the full moon during the month of January or february. Devotees perform ceremonial sacrifices by cleansing themselves through prayer and fasting as a preparation. As part of the devotion, they carry a pot of milk, some mortification of flesh by skin piercing. Skewers for tongue and cheeks are also being performed. The ceremony starts in the early hours of the morning. The festival usually lasts for 2 days.

About Photographer

Jun Pagalilauan is an Architect by profession. He is born to love design and the languages of Fine Art Photography. He introduces himself through his photos. His photographs speak it all. His vision in photography portrays openness, embraces true emotions and the power of storytelling and the characterisation of imagery matters the most. His style does not conform to mainstream and popular media culture and general public hype. He aims to captivate the value of genuine work of art captured through his lens and conveyed through his photographs.