Lijiang Spectacle

CompanyKEO International Consultants
PhotographerMario Bejagan Cardenas
PrizeGold in Event / Traditions and Cultures
Entry Description

Impression Lijiang is a magnificent cultural performance demonstrating the tradition and lifestyle of the local ethnic people of Yunnan. It is consists of two parts: "Impression of Jade Dragon Mountain" and "Impression of the Ancient City". Besides music and dance, the show provides an insight into the tradition and lives of the local ethnic people. Around 400 local ethnic Naxi, Bai and Yi people were selected from nearby towns and villages to participate in the Lijiang cultural performance.

About Photographer

An architect by profession based in UAE, a self-taught artist, and an international multi-award winning photographer. Blessed to have received 200+ local and international awards from different countries including: Japan, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Austria, USA, British Columbia, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Qatar, Egypt, Turkey, UAE, India, and Philippines. Has been featured on various local and international newspaper, books, and magazines.