A Union In La Union

CompanyGMA Network Inc.
PhotographerGerald Gloton
PrizeBronze in Book / Documentary
Entry Description

I met a surfing nurse who suggested that I reach out to this surfing 'power couple', Jefferson Dela Torre and Daisy Valdez. I was able to locate the humble abode of the award-winning surfers. Unfortunately the waves were flat so I couldn't shoot them doing what they're best at. But they openly welcomed me to their home, a home that was built and funded by their winnings. As I enter their roof, I could already sense their inspirational tale in every single corner of their place. Greater discoveries and more interesting stories were unraveled as we keep on chitchatting. The power couple is indeed living up to their brand. Jeff and Daisy are champions, even beyond riding surfboards and braving waves. I was aiming to originally shoot stories of surfers, yet I was able to find a simple yet genuine story of a loving family.