THrough The Fog of War and the Persistence of Memories

PhotographerJose Ariel S. Capitulo
PrizeSilver in Event / Social Cause
Entry Description

This is both an attempt at the visualization of, and to also raise awareness for those who suffer from mental disabilities associated with traumatic events. The drinking glass is a representation of the pages of daily life. While ordinary for most, it can be very different for some who go through episodes of anxiety and panic attacks that could be triggered with just about anything around the sufferer. For those of us who are spared from this misfortune, we simply fail to appreciate something that those stricken with this ailment strive for, a normal life. A normal life by trying to look, feel, and live like everyone else while there is a turbulence churning inside from what appears to be a perfectly shaped and functioning vessel. Like a bomb waiting to go off and without a moment’s notice. Clarity becomes subjective and sometimes hazy at best as represented by the ink from within the drinking glass. I am hoping somehow that these images will help make it easier to realize and empathize with a friend, a family member, or a stranger who suffers from the ill effects of traumatic stress disorders. So that more improved and effective treatments will be discovered and be implemented for the better care of our loved ones affected with this mental illness. It is in hoping that the symbolism behind the glass of water will be as plain and clear as the lives of those who do not suffer. Of whose lives, like many of us, take for granted.