Domestic Worker's Plight

CompanyNot Applicable
PhotographerJoan M. Pabona
PrizeBronze in Editorial / Other_ED
Entry Description

Women are created tough and strong, they play a significant role in the development of the world in general and in communities in particular. Being a domestic worker is not an easy task. It entails sacrifices, unconditional love for our family is the only inspiration we have. In connection with this photo is that the awareness that every domestic worker in a foreign country who are working very hard to be able to give a better life to their family. In the inside part of this photo we can see a woman which open our eyes to the plight of a hard working woman, to pause and take a deep reflection, understand them, to render a voice to expose that some workers are being tortured, maltreated by their employers and lucky those who have kind and good employers. Working miles apart from family is difficult. It is indeed really hard. We must be brave in order to attain goals. As we all know the reward of success is hard work, dedication to the job, determination that whether they win or lose, they made their best to their given task. Dreams and aspirations drives them to work hard . I’ve seen many migrant workers who do their jobs diligently in order to get what they want no matter what risks and various sacrifices they may incur. I am hoping somehow that this image that a Domestic worker deserves respect as they are a true hero to their mother country. We should salute them, leaving their family behind in order to feed and give a better future. As life itself, one should not surrender, no matter how many difficulties we may encounter, there is always hope to go on.

About Photographer

I started photography since I was in college using a film camera. “Photography for me has a wide spectrum, it may be Science, an Art or Literature. But for me, it is an interpretation that doesn’t need words but it speaks for itself.