Fisherman’s Wharf

CompanyNot Applicable
PhotographerJoan M. Pabona
PrizeBronze in Special / Travel/Tourism
Entry Description

This photo was captured in Macau. I visited my best friend and she suggested that we should visit the Fisherman’s Wharf , it was one of the first theme parks and is the largest leisure complex in Macau. The main Sights are Tang Dynasty Wharf, East Meets West Wharf, Legend Wharf . What catches my attention is that East Meets West Wharf. This Wharf is built on reclaimed land and consists of Oriental and Western architectures. One of the main highlights of East Meets West was Vulcania, the man-made volcano, however the volcano has now been demolished. And this photo a replica of the Roman Coliseum which can seat 2,000 visitors for outdoor performances.

About Photographer

I started photography since I was in college using a film camera. “Photography for me has a wide spectrum, it may be Science, an Art or Literature. But for me, it is an interpretation that doesn’t need words but it speaks for itself.