The Light Brings Life

CompanyUP Diliman
PhotographerRen Thomas Marquez
PrizeSilver in Editorial / Photo Essay and Feature Story
Entry Description

In September of 2015, El Nino hit the province of Zamboanga del Norte. It continued up until the summer of 2016, forcing the national government to declare a state of calamity for the area. The series of images show how these natural calamities affect those on the fringes of society the most. The drought deeply affected the province's vegetation (image 1), and some communities were forced to shift from agriculture to scavenging of dried out trees to sell as firewood (image 2). The intensity of this recent drought is manifested in a 50-year-old mango tree, killed and destined to be cut down (image 3). Those dependent on shallow wells for water suffered most (image 4), and fishing communities were also affected due to the destruction of mangroves (image 5).