Labor Day

PhotographerLemuel Jose Lucas
PrizeBronze in Deeper Perspective / Deeper Perspective
Entry Description

While a lot of people went to Boracay for Labor Day, I woke up at 1:30am to travel from my residence to Navotas to join some fishermen go fishing at 3am. We got back at 1pm; we docked at a shore made of trash from the different parts of Metro Manila-- with only a full load of an unknown specie of crab and a few kilos of "bisugo" and "alupihang dagat" for our catch. Children waded through the most filthy waters I've seen. At my feet, among the tons of trash floating before me, was the carcass of a dog slowly disintegrating and melding with the filth. "Hindi ka yayaman kung hindi ka magsisipag." I used to always hear this. But today, I found myself surrounded by some of the most hardworking people I have probably seen, but why do they still remain as among the poorest of the poor? Fisherfolk might be different from the Formal Labor and Migrant Workers sector who are fighting for their rights during Labor Day, but surely they are fighting for the same thing: and that is for fairness and equality in life.