Victoria Harbour

CompanyNot Applicable
PhotographerJoan Pabona
PrizeBronze in Architecture / Cityscapes
Entry Description

The major tourist attraction of Hong Kong the Victoria Harbour. This was taken last summer, I had luck to pass by Victoria Harbour in the evening during my off days. Such an amazing view! It gets crowded in the evening which gives a good atmosphere. It's definitely worth visiting this place. What I love about this world-famous Victoria Harbour is for its dramatic panoramic night view and skyline, particularly in the direction towards Hong Kong Island where the skyline of skyscrapers is superimposed over the ridges behind.

About Photographer

I started photography since I was in college using a film camera. “Photography for me has a wide spectrum, it may be Science, an Art or Literature. But for me, it is an interpretation that doesn’t need words but it speaks for itself.