lost in utopia

PhotographerAB Baldonado
PrizeBronze in Book(self-published) / Fine Art
Entry Description

I capture everything I see even if it is mundane or unusual in someone's eye. Every time I take a shot, the meaning of it will be based on what perspective I want it to be. These visuals tell different stories of different subjects but, in some aspects, they tend to have similarities behind them. This photo book consists of my works when I start wandering about the imagery of life. Photography is my utopia. I was lost there and I’m glad I did.

About Photographer

Abraham Baldonado is a freelance artist and designer based in the Philippines. He is a tech savvy and a creative novice who wants to deepen his skills in Photography. His work had recently won on the prestigious Nikon Photo Contest. He is interested in street, documentary, fine art, and analog photography.