Children in the dumpsite

PhotographerRene B. Bernal
PrizeSilver in People / Children
Entry Description

I was amazed by these kids who were playing in a junked airplane on a dumpsite right smack in the middle of Paranaque City, Philippines. They were totally oblivious of the hazards of their recreation. They climbed the place and run around the dumpsite barefoot. Some were in dirty tattered clothes and others were not wearing anything at all! But these never bothered them a bit and they just had fun like normal kids do. For a few moments, the awful reality they are living in ceased to exist and was totally forgotten. I told them that the dumpsite was not an appropriate place for play and that they should go find a playground in the park instead. One of the kids shook his head and told me that they are not allowed in the playground because it is only for the wealthy kids. I knew exactly how he felt and where he was coming from because I have been there.

About Photographer

An IT engineer by profession and genuinely fond of photography. Loves to shoot human interest, portraits, streets, landscapes and add a bit of drama to the creative process.