CompanyCalatrava International LLC
PrizeGold in Book / People
Entry Description

The Omo Valley in Ethiopia is remote and difficult to access, which is why quite a lot of tribes are able to live in relative peace there. The subject in this documents is the tribal women and ways to differentiate them from other tribes. They are usually identified through the ornaments that they wear and how they decorate their skins through scarring. The women from Mursi Tribe decorate their faces with paint. The colorful women of Hamer Tribe are exquisitely decorated with beads and cauliflower. The Bana still dresses in animal skins and wear braided hair. The women from Karo Tribe adorn themselves exuberantly by letting their entire body be painted and bring a sharp metal object to the chin’s decoration. These ethnic, indigenous women are uniquely beautiful. However, their culture is on the verge of extinction with the creeping modernization surrounding their areas.

About Photographer

Mario Cardenas is an architect by profession with 15 yrs professional experience, currently working w/ Santiago Calatrava architects & engineers in Dubai office. Mario is UAE-based Filipino photographer & has been making his mark in international photography competitions since 2010. Mario’s passion & talent in photography are manifested through numerous accolades and honors for his works, garnering more than 350 awards from various international competitions in the: USA, UK, Canada, France, Australia, Austria, Germany, China, Singapore, Japan, Qatar, Egypt, Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia, London, UAE & the Philippines. A visionary photographer & self-taught artist, Mario produces distinctive & stand-out images by elucidation of diversity and vibrancy of subjects with story-telling captured from idiosyncratic perspectives. Never resting on his laurels, he continually evolve as an artistic photographer as he competes in photography competitions around the world. Mario's goal is to travel extensively and document exotic places with essential human elements especially vanishing cultures & unique traditions. He dreams to curate his own photography exhibitions & galleries & his works featured in local & international publications. Some notable awards he received from across a wide variety of genre are: 82 Awards at IPA 2017, Ph. in different categories 3 Gold, 1 Silver, & 2 Honourable Awards at IPA 2016, Ph,USA, Gold Award at PX3 2014, Paris, Grand Prize won a H5D-40 Hassleblad camera at Fujairah Photo Awards 2014, UAE, Grand Prize at Photograph of the Year 2013, Australia, Grand Prize at Milset Photography Award 2015, UK, Grand Prize (Architecture) at Humanity Photography Award 2014, China, Grand Prize (Professional) at Sony Imaging Challenge 2012, UAE, Photographer of the Year Award at The Filipino Times Awards 2015, UAE, 1st Place at HIPA Humanitarian Photo Awards 2014, UAE, Winner at HIPA Rehlatna Photo Competition 2014, UAE, Winner at Allard Prize Int’l. Photo Awards 2014, Columbia, 3rd Place at WPO Sony Int’l Photo Awards 2015, UK, 1st Place at BW Spider Awards 2015, USA,