Hornby Lighthouse at Watson Bay

PhotographerEdwin Villeroz Mangabat
PrizeBronze in Architecture / Historic
Entry Description

Overcast sunrise shot of Hornby Lighthouse in Watson Bay, NSW, Australia. It was the third lighthouse built in New South Wales. The need for a lighthouse at the entrance of Jackson Bay NSW, was made evident by the loss of two ships. First was the Dunbar, wrecked in August 1857, with the loss of 121 lives. The second was Catherine Adamson, two months later in October 1857, with a loss of twenty-one lives. Hornby lighthouse was designed by Alexander Dawson, NSW government Architect at that time. Dawson approved the recommended location as having adequate foundations, and also reported that the government stores already had a catoptric lens apparatus available that has been purchased in 1853 and the tower construction ended in 1858.

About Photographer

A CPA by profession, Edwin is currently working in one large mutual bank in Australia as Internal Auditor. He is a self-taught photographer based in Queensland, Australia and only discovered his interest in photography in 2015 (two years ago) when he bought his first DLSR (Nikon D750). Everything started as a simple hobby, taking snapshots of the streets in Singapore using his mobile phone and then posting it in social media. It eventually turned into passion and obsession, to capture and create amazing images. To him, photography is a form of meditation and anti-stress reliever, where he tends to forget the life's toughest challenges and problems while shooting. ​ His passion is on landscapes/ seascapes, nature, cityscapes and astrophotography. When not taking photographs, he is busy watching DOTA 2 online games, studying for his CA exams, and/or watching NBA games. ​ List of awards since joining competition in 2016 1. (2017) Silver Award, Moscow International Foto Awards (MIFA), Sub-category: Nature-Sunset (Non-Pro) 2. (2017) Honorable Mention, Moscow International Foto Awards (MIFA), Sub-category: Nature-Sunset (Non-Pro) 3. (2017) Highly Commended (Scapes), 9th Australian Digital Photography Awards (ADPA 2017) 4. (2017) Merit (Scapes), 9th Australian Digital Photography Awards (ADPA 2017) 5. (2017) Merit Ribbon, Sydney Harbour International 2017, 6. (2016) Runner-up, Theme Category - Heritage Bank Photographic Awards 2016 7 (2016) Alwyn Kucks Memorial Award -Heritage Bank Photographic Awards 2016 8. (2016) Peoples Choice Award - Melbourne ILoveDocklands Photo Competition