Traumatic State

PhotographerKateryna Borovschi
PrizeBronze in People / Self-Portrait
Entry Description

This work is an attempt to present certain scientific concepts by using different artistic methods e.g., examining the terms and qualities of psychological trauma, taking the theory of psychoanalysis as a basis.

About Photographer

Kateryna Borovschi was born in 1991 in Krasnoyarsk, Russia. When she was 8 years old she felt a desire to dedicate herself to art. Since then she spent all her free time in School of Art learning how to master different drawing techniques. She got classical artistic education in V.I. Surikov School of Art, Krasnoyarsk (2008-2013) and decided to proceed with the investigation of art and artist’s place in a contemporary world. After she moved to Spain, she continued her education in Polytechnic University of Valencia, Department of Fine Arts, pursuing Master’s Degree in Artistic Production. Most of the time, Kateryna works independently trying to find her own form of creation and topics that can reveal human’s nature and show something hidden beyond the visible matters and underlying within a more profound artistic plane. Her interest in understanding her personality and inner ambitions is a consequence of a passion towards psychology and sociology. It helped her to get to know herself and the world around her on a more sophisticated level when she was a teenager and it had put a start to her artpath. At this point Kateryna is working in a variety of genres starting from art installation and ending up with digital art. In her art practice, she gives priority to photography and new media art.