S E A S O N S (Art Inspires Art)

CompanyEdwin S Loyola Photography
PhotographerEDWIN S LOYOLA
PrizeGold in Special / Digitally Enhanced
Entry Description

S E A S O N S (Art Inspires Art) 1 day ago by​ Edwin S. Loyola Nature, the four seasons, and human form, basic elements is the creation of art. And the way Edwin Loyola brings them together in a set of photographs is like listening to the most famous four season of all time, Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons.” Even the way Loyola divides it is exactly like Vivaldi’s. Four concertos, with 3 movements each. With Loyola’s ensemble , its four sets with 3 images each set. Starting with the most famous concerto : “Inferno,” or Winter. Loyola starts with a haunting image of a lady taken from a bird’s eye view as a soft light bathes the entire photograph. A hint of color but generally shimmering in its paleness much like snow giving its surrounding a sense of effervescence. The texture only heightens the starkness of the image. The second photograph shows a slow movement with the hair as she is bathed with textures of fallen leaves. The last image is the quintessential winter image. Eyes closed, a surrender to nature’s disfigurement as birch trees are left naked and birds move to more agreeable climes. The hint of red is a promise of tomorrow. Then we move to “Primavera.” The Spring movement, probably the rival of “Inferno” in popularity. Loyola’s first subject has her eyes open, a sense of awareness. As flowers bloom, so does her facial features. Colors on her forehead and her body presents the colors of spring! The second subject with pale flesh swathed in winter blue, a portend of things to come. The hint of yellow on the hair is a reminded of the colors that will be. Then there’s a woman in profile bathed in yellow as flora and fauna swirl around her, a dizzying array of th

About Photographer

Photography goes beyond passion. And no one has defined every fiber of these words more distinctly than Edwin S. Loyola, who has virtually changed the landscape of contemporary Philippine photography not only with his sublime artistry but with the gift of his heart, crossing the boundary between the state of genius and social responsibility. A highly celebrated photographer in the Philippines and abroad, Loyola's photography does not only speak of transmundane art but also of truth, hope, courage and charity - proving that his works go beyond passion and thus, are a celebration of life. His mastery of photography has stemmed not only from his astute understanding of the craft, but was born from a higher vision - the innate desire to popularize photography, to create appreciation of the art and beauty of life through ingenuity, and to give back to God and to the society through charity. Eminently regarded within the photography circle for his numerous awards under his name, this master photographer travels the world not for pleasure, but to share his knowledge, his friendship and his heart to people who want to discover the wonders and magic of photography as captured by his imagination through his lens. After more than 20 years of photography experience, he has gained a massive following from the four corners of the globe, supporting him in all of his endeavors primarily on his advocacy to educate new photographers through his successful series of Beyond Passion Photography Workshop and on his altruistic pursuit to save kids with cancer through his own charity group, Mission: Save Kids with Cancer. Edwin S. Loyola. Advocate. Visionary. Altruist. Going beyond passion. by Jaypee Belarmino