Allan Qua Borebor

2015 Best New Talent
International Photography Awards Philippines

First timer to IPA Allan Qua Borebor from the Philippines shares his idea about photography, his “accidental” discovery of his talent, his visit to New York as one of the Lucie Awards finalists and his spectacular fine art photos.
He believes that by focusing on the rich culture of the Philippines as subject in photography, Filipino photographers can be recognized worldwide.


How did you get into photography?
It started in 2012 when I put up my own business, a tourist services that caters to people who wish to visit and experience the beautiful islands of Caramoan and Calaguas. I needed good pictures of Caramoan Island to put on my company website advertisement. That was the reason why I bought a mirrorless camera. From then on, I considered photography as a hobby. I began shooting on the street and got hooked into travel and fine art photography.

What made you join photo contest?
I joined the photo contest to see if my work is on the right track. By joining the photo contest, people curate and judge your work based on the universal parameters. If I win, that is a big commendation and acknowledgment. If there is a reward or prize that is a plus for me.

Is it your first time to join IPA?

What can you say about the entries on IPA Main and IPA PI?
IPA Main is more on fine art and contemporary entries while IPA Philippines entries is a bit of fine art and more on travel and cultural.

How do you define Philippine photography in terms of these entries
coming from around the world?
Philippine photography as I have observed is very competitive. We have a lot of good photographers here in the Philippines. They just need to show it and join international photography contest to show the world that we have a rich culture.

Did IPA add some new things on your perceptions about photography?
Yes. Seeing those winning images in New York was a wake-up call for us to accept changes in the world of photography especially in the field of fine art. Fine Art photography here in the Philippines is not yet embraced or totally accepted. To be competitive, change is needed.

What is your best experience in attending the IPA in New York?
As what its founders Hossein and Susan advocate is not really about awards and honors but a reminder of what photography really is, citing the processes and learning that the masters have gone through years of experience where the new generations should be concerned with.

What can you say about the contemporary photography these days?
Going to IPA in New York was unforgettable experience especially the awarding part. Imagine, sitting at the front row and flashing your images on the big screen and watching well-known and great photographers was awesome! It was just unbelievable to me, a happy and great experience. Contemporary photography is accepted worldwide and we, Filipino photographers should see the beauty of it, embrace it and show our own creative process.