IPA Interviews with Winning Photographers


“Gender doesn’t define how content is presented. They say photography is a window to your soul. It’s really a matter of how someone sees a subject through their eyes.”


Interview with

G-nie Arambulo

Top Advertising Filipina Photographer

How did you become a photographer?

I loved drawing when I was a kid. In college, I took up Fine Arts and discovered that being an illustrator wasn’t for me. I was always intrigued by photography, but back then it was too expensive for the average person. When I graduated, I started my career as a Visualizer/ Art Director in an advertising agency. We worked with professional photographers for our campaigns and it was during one of the shoots that I realized my true calling – photography.

I had to convince John (Chua) to take me on as an apprentice. It was tough at first, back then photography was a male-dominated field. The years of dedication and hard work eventually paid off, and I’m doing what I love the most.

How do you see Philippine photography as a whole in terms of using it as a language?

I’ve seen the transition through the years. Mobile phones, digital cameras, and other devices are now more accessible. A lot of Filipinos have discovered how to express themselves using photography. The internet has broadened everyone’s horizon and reach. While it is true that anyone can shoot, some aspects of our trade still require a deep and often technical understanding of photography. It is this knowledge, paired with creativity that spells the difference between creating an image instead of just capturing it.

What makes the woman photographer different in terms of the manner of presentation of a subject/object/content in photography as compared to a male photographer? Is there really a difference?

I think there’s no difference. Gender doesn’t define how content is presented. They say photography is a window to your soul. It’s really a matter of how someone sees’s a subject through their eyes.

What do you think are the limitations a woman photographer has in photography? Do you believe that photography is a male-dominated discipline?

I believe that there are still more male photographers than female photographers, although that landscape is also changing quite quickly. As for limitations, that’s all in the mind. I’ve learned through experience that women can also endure long working hours, carry heavy equipment, climb scaffolding, do aerial photography while hanging half-way out of a helicopter. We can be just as good and just as passionate about photography. Excelling in a field takes commitment, focus, courage, discipline, and creativity – and those qualities aren’t gender-specific.