IPA Interviews with Winning Photographers


“Photography is infinite as we can imagine; gender is no barrier as well.”

Little Wing Luna

Interview with

Little Wing Luna

Exhibiting and Published Freelance Photographer

How did you become a photographer?

I am Little Wing Luna or WING OR LWL for short. I am an exhibiting and published freelance photographer whose works take off from the street and from far-flung corners. My photographs reveal unique visions that fly in the face of conventions- a fleeting glimpse of the extraordinary within the ordinary by traversing the various urban and rural scenes in the Philippines. I also do documentation of people, places, and things, trying to save or preserve what is left of everything since the only thing that is constant is change.

I don’t usually or I refuse to accompany my images with captions and verbal suggestion. I want my images to be a puzzle. I want them to see the photo and think and to engage every viewer into it. I want them to see, feel and touch the image.

I became a photographer since I got my wings and I wanted to fly. That is literally and figuratively:)

How do you see Philippine photography as a whole in terms of using it as a language?

Nowadays everybody is shooting everything. And there are a lot who shoots well powerful images. Amazing ones. Well, it won’t be long when everything and anything will be about visual communication. Photography is a powerful tool that tells a thousand words.

What makes the woman photographer different in terms of the manner of presentation of a subject/object/content in photography as compared to a male photographer? Is there really a difference?

I don’t see any difference. It’s same. What men photographer can do, women can do also or vice versa. When I am looking at a photograph I don’t label it by a man or a woman image and I don’t even guess. I do not do the labeling . We are all souls. And souls are genderless.

What do you think are the limitations a woman photographer has in photography. Do you believe that photography is a male-dominated discipline?

None. Photography is infinite as we can imagine; gender is no barrier as well. It’s a limitation you put on your mind and it’s a formidable foe that limits us, women or men alike.

What makes a photograph relevant?

Photography is relevant when it stirs a feeling and when it becomes a part of something that engages the viewer and oneself. If it seeks and proves and if it gives and borrows to everything with emotional sense, then it is relevant.

What do you think the government should do so young generations will have a more critical way of understanding photography as a language?

Well, the young generation is doing good so far. They are thinking, shooting, telling and keeping photography alive. The government has other better things to do. :)